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Structural Slabs

Solid slabs are used as structural deck components similar to hollowcore planks.

They can be made in a long-line pretensioning facility and reinforced with prestressing strand or cast in individual forms with either prestressing strand or conventional rebar. They are typically cast in the same position as used in the structure.

Sizes can vary to satisfy the structural requirements. They typically are made 4 to 12 feet wide and 8 to 30 feet long. Typical thicknesses range between 4 and 12 inches.

The form side (bottom) is smooth as cast and typically will remain that way in the finished construction. When it is an exposed surface, it can remain as is or painted without additional treatment.

The top side is troweled to the desired degree of smoothness or may be intentionally roughened to receive a cast-in-place concrete topping which will act compositely and provide additional strength.

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