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Sustainability FAQs

Listed below are FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) related to sustainablity. A downloadable PPT (Powerpoint) LEED Presentation is at the bottom of this page.


  • What is sustainability and why is it important?
  • Why is there demand for sustainable development?
  • What is a green building?
  • What is the cost premium for a green building?
  • What is the payback for a sustainable building project?
  • How can I measure the costs and benefits of sustainable design?
  • Do government projects require LEED certification?

Sustainability & Precast Concrete

  • Is precast concrete a green building material?
  • What makes precast concrete so durable?
  • Is precast concrete different from other types of concrete?
  • Is precast concrete energy-efficient?
  • Does precast concrete contain recycled materials?
  • Can precast concrete members be reused?

Greenhouse Gases

  • What are green house gases?
  • Carbon dioxide occurs naturally in the atmosphere, so why are CO2 emissions a concern?
  • What is a carbon footprint?

Precast Concrete Contributions to LEED Certification

  • What is LEED?
  • How does LEED-NC work?
  • How many points are required for a project to be LEED-NC Certified?
  • How does precast concrete contribute to LEED-NC rating points?
  • What LEED-NC points does precast concrete contributes toward?
  • How can precast concrete reduce the heat-island effect described in the LEED Sustainable Sites credit (SSc7.1)?
  • Do recycled materials in concrete (fly ash, slag) contribute to LEED points?
  • Is the 500-mile-radius requirement for local-material content limited to the finished precast concrete product, or does it also apply to the raw materials?
  • How can precast concrete contribute to Innovation and Design in LEED?
  • How does precast concrete contribute to the underlying sustainability concept of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”?

Precast Manufacturing

  • How is precast concrete made?
  • What steps are precast operations taking toward sustainability?
  • How much cement is in precast concrete?
  • What is being done about CO2 emissions during the cement-manufacturing process?

Precast Concrete Materials

  • What is the difference between concrete and cement?
  • What does cement do to concrete?
  • What is Portland cement?
  • What are supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs)?
  • What do supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) do to concrete?
  • What are hydraulic and pozzolanic reactions?
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