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Frequently Asked Questions

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Architectural Precast

  • Which finishes provide the best consistency?
  • What is the largest panel dimension I can design?
  • What is the optimum joint size?
  • Should sealers be used on precast? And if so, when should it be applied?
  • What is recommended as a preferred distance from the architectural precast panel to the edge of slab?
  • What about interior dimensions?


  • What kind of span lengths can be achieved with hollowcore plank systems?
  • What assistance is available to me during the design of a hollowcore system?
  • How do we design for openings in plank?
  • What should be shown on the drawings for a precast hollowcore plank project?
  • Should hollowcore plank be used in an exterior application for balcony sections in the high-rise building I am designing?
  • Is it common practice to weld alternate ends of the hollowcore plank? When is this practical?
  • How do I determine the fire rating or resistance of hollowcore plank? Should I specify a UL Rating?

Parking Structures

  • How do I determine optimum bay sizes when laying out a parking structure?
  • What guidelines should be followed when determining drainage slopes within a parking structure?
  • What durability measures can be taken to assure a long service life for my garage?
  • I just found a double tee on my garage with a cracked flange…now what?

Sports Facilities

  • Can I design a radius into the top edge of a seating unit?
  • What challenges are presented by cantilevering?
  • How are the precast seating units supported?
  • How do we make the connection from stadia seat to support raker?
  • How is the connection made from stadia seat to stadia seat?
  • How will the structural support steel match the precast units?
  • Will designing with two or three different materials impact our tight schedule?