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Bridge Products


AASHTO / PCI Standard Bridge Products

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PCI Bridge Design Manual - Appendices B + C
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This PDF excerpt from the PCI Bridge Design Manual, 3rd Edition, includes: APPENDIX B: AASHTO / PCI STANDARD PRODUCTS (Including: Solid and Voided Slab Beams; Box Beams; I-Beams; Bulb Tees; Deck Bulb Tees; Double Tee Beams; Standard Segment for Span-by-Span Construction; and Standard Segment for Balanced Cantilever Construction) APPENDIX C: PCI REGIONAL PRODUCTS (Including: NEXT D Beams; NEXT F Beams; and PCI Zone 6 (SE Region) Spliced U-Girders)
2011PCIBridgeManual-Appendix B & C.pdf

PCI Regional Bridge Products

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PCI Zone 6 (SE Region) Curved Spliced U-Girders
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PCI-Certified Plants in Zone 6 (Southeast) formed a task group to develop and promote a series of concepts, drawings and details that illustrate to owners, engineers and contractors the information necessary to utilize these solutions which have been successfully implemented on a number of projects. The development of the precast concrete U-beam has enabled the PCI-Certified plants to offer an economical structural design solution for both long span and curved transportation structures to carry vehicular and rail traffic.
PCI Zone6 Curved Spliced Girders.pdf

Producer Member Transportation Products

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G/C PCI Producer Member Transportation Products
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Bridge Matrix Handout 4-5-16.pdf