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Finishes - Interior Finishes

The interior side of architectural precast concrete panels also can be given an aesthetic finish, eliminating the need to provide an additional finished wall, saving materials, time and cost. Exposed interior surfaces should have finishes that are realistic in terms of exposure, production techniques, configuration of the precast concrete units and quality requirements.

A variety of finishes for the back of a precast concrete panel can be provided. They include screed, light broom, float, trowel, stippled or waterwashed or retarded exposed-aggregate finishes. If the finish is to be painted, a stippled concrete finish normally will be the most economical. Although expensive, a steel-trowel finish is a common interior finish, but it frequently darkens the surface in uneven patterns.

The treatment of joints and connections with regard to interior-finish requirements should be considered if panels are to remain exposed. Load-support connections at the top and bottom of the panel should be hidden above the ceiling panels and below the floor level, respectively. If they are exposed, they should be recessed to mask unevenness in alignment between adjacent panels.

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