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Why Precast?


Why Precast?

Every day, more architects, engineers, contractors, developers and owners specify precast, prestressed concrete components for their construction needs. Versatile precast, prestressed concrete components can be specifically designed to meet most construction requirements. Discover the advantages of using these components:

  • Quality Control

    Precast/prestressed concrete is manufactured in PCI Certified plants in a controlled environment.
  • Durability

    The high-strength, high-performance concrete that is utilized in the production process resists weather, fire, corrosion, and vandalism.
  • Speed of Construction

    Precast/prestressed concrete lends itself to compressed construction schedules. Components are manufactured off-site, allowing for a just-in-time delivery system. Speedy construction means earlier completion dates which equals earlier occupancy.
  • Design Flexibility

    The combination of standard structural shapes and the capability of casting custom shapes gives designers maximum flexibility. Economies of scale can be achieved through repetition while the inherent plasticity of concrete allows for unique shapes.
  • Aesthetics

    An infinite variety of sands, cements, aggregates and pigments combine to achieve endless colors, textures and finishes.
  • Green Products

    Precast Concrete is a green product and can provide upto 26 LEED points.