South Spring Street Garage


Greenville, SC


City of Greenville, SC


Craig Gaulden Davis, Greenville, SC


Carl Walker Inc., Atlanta, GA


M.B. Kahn/Argo Construction, Greenville, SC

Construction Manager:

Atkins/Hanscomb, Faithful & Gould, Atlanta, GA

Project Scope


7 (905 parking spaces, provide additional 252 parking spaces with two-level vertical expansion)


2006 PCI Design Award Co-winner — Best Parking Structure
South Spring Street Garage
South Spring Street Garage
South Spring Street Garage
South Spring Street Garage

Replace two small steel parking structures in the downtown area with a 905-space marquee parking facility along the perimeter of the Downtown Historic District in the center of the judicial/banking center. The structure must blend with its surroundings and provide space for a future 252-space, two-level vertical expansion.

The all-precast concrete seven-story parking structure features a two-bay, double-threaded helix design flanked by a third flat-floor bay. Field-topped double tees were set on a 30-foot longitudinal grid. The design took advantage of opportunities for repetition in the structural elements, saving time and cost during fabrication and erection.

The precast structure was selected after reviewing steel and cast-in-place options. The precast design was chosen due to its economy of first-cost construction, reduction of subcontractors, minimized construction schedule and decreased lost revenue from displaced patrons while the structure was built where the previous garages had stood. The precast design also will reduce the disruption of serviceable spaces during the anticipated future expansion.

The precast components were used for structural members, as well as for architectural elements when used for back-up masonry veneer support and for fire-rated separation elements between the parking decks and future development parcels. The speed of erection and simplicity of the structure allowed other trades to begin work much earlier than other design options would have allowed.

Also incorporated were a variety of passive-security features. These included lite-wall supports for the long-span structural system, a plan that reduces blind corners for drivers, four glass-backed elevator towers and two glass-backed stair towers, a covered pedestrian walkway at grade connecting to an adjacent office building and reflective concrete staining of precast soffits to increase brightness levels.

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