BellSouth Midtown Center


Atlanta, GA


Gate Precast, Monroeville, AL


BellSouth Telecommunications Inc.


Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback & Associates, Atlanta, GA


Brasfield & Gorrie

Project Scope

Sq. Footage:



8-story and 16-story office buildings
BellSouth Midtown Center
BellSouth Midtown Center

Adjacent to the company’s headquarters and its underground rail station, the two-building BellSouth campus was designed to offer employees using mass transit an attractive transition from the suburbs. Architectural precast concrete panels clad both structures in the complex.

The precaster worked closely with the designers from the early stages of the project to create an economical way to master the intricate base designs for the two buildings. Three different mixes were used to simulate various granites, while seven finishes were used on the towers.

Precast concrete provided design flexibility in color and form, plus a durable cladding material for the high rises, the designers said. Approximately 117,000 square feet of precast panels were used on the smaller building, while 126,000 square feet were used on the taller one. Architectural precast concrete spandrels were used to clad an adjacent parking structure as well, blending the look of the two projects.

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