Centergy at Technology Square


Atlanta, GA


Centergy One Associates LLC


Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates Inc. (SRSS), Atlanta, GA


Hardin Construction Group

Project Scope

Sq. Footage:

718,000 (218,000 – building one, 500,000 – building two)
and 1,175-car parking structure



Brick-faced precast concrete panels
Centergy at Technology Square

Designed as a nexus for a thriving high-tech corridor, this project connects Georgia Tech University with a burgeoning business and residential community. Architectural precast concrete panels helped mix town and gown in a style that fit both neighborhoods while producing a quickly constructed and cost-effective design.

Brick-faced precast concrete panels were specified rather than traditional brick construction due to cost efficiencies, speed of construction and simplified logistics. The bricks are 5/8-inch thick, providing a traditional look but minimizing weight and connection details. The precast panels also provided an easily achieved but contrasting look with the clean lines of the curtain wall system. The eight-story, all-precast concrete parking structure complements the design of the six-story and 14-story buildings and creates a visual bridges between the two.

The use of precast panels reduced construction time, saved about $1 per square foot over traditional brick construction and eliminated the need for scaffolding. The precast also provided a much simpler envelope, alleviating concerns about whether flashing was installed correctly, if mortar would fall during construction or if the sheathing’s waterproofing was sufficient. Night crews and multiple cranes were used to speed construction, minimizing erection time during the area’s rainy season, which produced an all-time record for rainfall that year.

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