U.S. Army Reserve Command Headquarters


Fort McPherson, GA


Department of the Army


Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart & Associates Inc., Atlanta, GA


Metric Constructors

Project Scope

Sq. Footage:

218,000 (plus a 600-car parking structure)
U.S. Army Reserve Command Headquarters

The project consolidated various offices for the Command and Control Headquarters and met design criteria set by the Army to move beyond the typical military installation to create a more corporate appearance. This goal was aided with architectural precast concrete spandrel panels used at the floor lines and under the overhanging roof, along with column covers inserted between the spandrels at each column line and corner pieces at all in-and-out turns.

The exterior character, featuring decorative metal trim, pitched roof details and detailing in the precast panels, responds to the turn-of-the-century buildings located at nearby Hedekin Field. The architectural panels feature a high-quality finish that combines Colonial granite from Minnesota, Martin Marietta’s black granite from Arrowwood, North Carolina, Black Beauty sand from Kentucky, mortar sand from South Carolina and Antique White cement from Cobb County, Georgia, The mix was further enhanced with red and black iron-oxide pigments.

Two finishes were used on the same mix to develop the final two shades that are seen on the façade. Parts of the panels had an exposed-aggregate finish, to enhance the aggregate colors, while other portions feature a medium-sandblast finish to provide a subdued, matte finish.

After samples were approved, a full-scale mock-up panel was cast and erected at the job site. Other exterior materials, including window glass, frames and caulk, were added to the sample to provide a full representation of the building exterior.

A monumental entryway, including a vestibule, also was framed with precast concrete panels to provide a dramatic first impact for visitors. A similar precast design also was used to clad the adjacent parking structure and the covered walkway to the building.

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