Reynolds Street Parking Deck


Augusta, GA


Metromont, Hiram, GA


Augusta Richmond County Commission, Augusta, GA


Studio 3 Design Group, Augusta, GA


Jognson Laschober & Associates, Augusta, GA


J.E. Dunn Construction, Atlanta, GA

Precast Specialty Engineer:

TRC Worldwide Engineering, Inc., Allentown, PA

Project Scope

Sq. Footage:

Deck only - 214,000sf (668 parking spaces)



Total Project Budget:

$12,000,000 or $17,964/space or $56.07/sf

Architectural Precast Elements:

Embedded thin-brick and cast stone finishes combined into panels

Project Attributes

  • Erected in 75 days
  • Offsite manufacturing minimized negative impact to the project site
Reynolds Street Parking Deck
Reynolds Street Parking Deck
Reynolds Street Parking Deck
Reynolds Street Parking Deck
Reynolds Street Parking Deck

Project Overview

The six-story, total precast concrete structure provides parking for 620 vehicles within the deck, and surface parking for an additional 48 vehicles. Located in a historic district, the design team was challenged to design a parking structure that blends with the architecture of the adjacent low scale office buildings. Utilizing the aesthetic versatility of precast, the team developed traditional finishes and detailing in the brick and cast stone facades.

Precast Solution

Precast concrete provided the versatility and efficiency needed to meet several project challenges including a small project site footprint, a tight construction schedule, and the combination of various finishes to achieve the aesthetic goals. The project utilizes precast columns, beams, double-tees and spandrels. The exterior panels are finished with embedded thin-brick, and a cast stone finish achieved through concrete coloring and acid-etching.

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