Busch Stadium


St. Louis, MO


St. Louis Cardinals


HOK Sport


Hunt Construction in association with Kwame Building Group

Project Scope

Structural Precast Elements:

• 1,040 precast concrete double and triple risers
and precast concrete seating tubs.
• 944 total pieces including of precast concrete columns,
precast concrete flat slabs, precast concrete raker beams
and precast concrete wall panels.
Busch Stadium
Busch Stadium

The new home to the Cardinals draws its inspiration from the rich architectural heritage of the surrounding downtown St. Louis neighborhoods. The stadium features precast concrete seating units, as well as architectural precast concrete panels to help achieve efficiency in construction that was needed due to the compressed schedule.

Seating units include 1,040 double and triple risers and seating tubs, with about 944 additional structural components used, consisting of columns, flat slabs, raker beams and wall panels. In all, about 854 truckloads of material were used. Upper-bowl seating areas were installed first, in the eight months starting in November of 2004, followed by the lower-bowl areas, which began construction in February 2005 and were completed in September of that year.

The footprint of the new stadium encroached on the old structure, requiring it to be removed completely prior to completion of the new facility. That caused the schedule to become compressed when the Cardinals made the playoffs in 2005, delaying some of the construction. Multiple installation crews and close communication allowed the project to keep on track. Precast concrete’s ability to continue to factory-cast components through the winter helped ensure the timetables could be met, and the stadium was ready for the first pitch of the 2006 season.

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