Carlton Street Parking Structure - University of Georgia


Athens, GA


Board of Regents of the University System
of Georgia, Athens, GA


Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart,
Stewart & Associates Inc.(SRSS), Atlanta, GA


Sedki & Russ Engineers Inc., Atlanta, GA


Choate Construction Co., Marietta, GA

Project Scope

Sq. Footage:



5 (648 parking spaces)

Structural Precast Elements:

1,213 total pieces including:
• Precast concrete double tees (60' long by 10' wide
and 24 or 36" deep)
• Precast concrete wall columns (5'2" wide by 1'4" thick)
• Precast concrete intermediate wall columns (3'10" wide
by 1' thick)
• Precast concrete spandrel beams (4' tall by 8" thick)
• Precast concrete inverted tee beams (43' long
and 34" deep)
• Precast concrete roof panels (8" thick)


2002 PCI Design Awards Winner —
Best All-Precast Solution
Carlton Street Parking Structure - University of Georgia
Carlton Street Parking Structure - University of Georgia

This project combines precast’s ability to create a classical university campus look with its state-of-the-art functional advantages, such as providing long spans and an open feeling. Precast also allowed construction to begin during the winter and helped the project make the final deadline despite a delayed start. The difficult site also was overcome by precast’s off-site fabrication methods and fast construction.

Precast Solutions
An all-precast concrete structure was specified due to the fast-track schedule and winter construction. The architect and contractor worked closely with the precaster from the initial design phases to ensure all aesthetic and logistical needs could be met.

The structure consists of precast, prestressed concrete double tees supported by walls and inverted tee beams at the interior column lines, plus wall columns and L-beam spandrels with inset brick applied at the precast plant. Precast shear walls were located at each end of the structure.

The design features a Neo-Classical Georgian style that blends inset brick with limestone-like spandrel accents. The building’s base is detailed with a series of arches in combination with horizontal rustication bands and implied keystones. The cornice is visually accented with a step profile and dentil molding.

The long spans provided by the precast double tees, complemented by the smooth finish on the tees and columns, provide an openness that fosters a sense of security.

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