New Queens 14 Garage


15-10 Almeda Avenue, Queens, NY


New York City Dept. of Sanitation, New York, NY


Judd Designs/DaSilva Black Calcagni Chessner JV,
New York, NY


Eipel Barbieri Marschhausen, LLP, New York, NY


Padilla Const. Serv., Westbury, NY

Construction Manager:

Liro Const. Group, Syosset, NY

Project Scope

Sq. Footage:




Structural Precast Elements:

Precast concrete pieces include flat precast concrete panels.


New Queens 14 Garage
New Queens 14 Garage
New Queens 14 Garage
New Queens 14 Garage
New Queens 14 Garage
New Queens 14 Garage
New Queens 14 Garage

The new 75,000 SF garage building provides accommodation for climate sensitive vehicles, offices, personnel space, truck washing, snowplow mounting, vehicle repair, and maintenance. The building is largely single story steel framed with mezzanine personnel areas. The front facade consists of a curved glass curtain wall with both clear, shimmering shadowbox, and spandrel glass bands atop a limestone base. The balance of the building is clad in textured and flat precast concrete panels.

The use of precast concrete panels provided a robust material, that would be reasonably easy to erect, and in an expeditious manner. The Architects sought the subtle effect of light and shadow to detail the face of the precast concrete panel. The precast panel and its design was brought into the interior of the building facing the vehicle storage area and repair shop. Natural light was introduced into the interior with 35 large skylights and a sky-roof for the interior of the Administration / Personnel spaces, and it highlights effectively the face of the precast concrete panels.

The precast concrete panels were easy to install. The structural engineer designed the steel framing of the building to either rest the panels on the flanges of the steel. This enabled the General Construction Contractor to complete the enclosure of the building with a minimum amount of labor. Adjustments were easy, and all lines were straight and true.

The precast concrete material provided this type of municipal facility with an elegant solution to address the neighborhood fabric that the facility serves and to address the environment in a responsible energy and cost effective manner.

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