Lindbergh Retail District


Atlanta, GA


The Sembler Co., Atlanta. GA


Loia, Roof, PC, Alpharetta, GA


Bennett & Pless Inc., Atlanta, GA


Hardin Construction LLC, Atlanta, GA

Project Scope

Sq. Footage:

146,200 square feet of retail and
158,500 square feet of parking

Structural Precast Elements:

1,056 pieces, including flat columns, square columns, W-beams, tri-slabs, wall panels, shear walls, double tees, spandrels with exterior ledges and T-girders
Lindbergh Retail District
Lindbergh Retail District
Lindbergh Retail District
Lindbergh Retail District
Lindbergh Retail District
Lindbergh Retail District

Parking Above Retail
The Lindbergh Retail District contains three warehouse anchor stores, as well as several smaller stores. Parking is provided above the largest of the three stores, as well as in front of two second-floor stores, providing customers with direct access adjacent to or above the retail units.

Designed by Robertson, Loia, Roof, PC of Alpharetta, GA, the project’s parking encompasses a 418- by 390-foot footprint. The entire precast structure, including retail space and parking areas, covers seven acres of land. The structure is one of three buildings that are part of a new 26-acre mixed-use development that also contains a Home Depot store and an apartment complex.

“We chose precast for several reasons,” says Kevin Kotellos, senior associate. “First, it provided us with the required fire rating at a cost less than a steel frame with fireproofing. It also was cheaper than a cast-in-place system would be. A third consideration was that we were working with a very tight construction schedule and precast would allow us to meet that schedule.”

The precast structure is divided into two distinctly different structural framing systems. One of the structures contains the roof of the Target store at ground level. The 362- by 404-foot structure supports the Best Buy and Linens N Things stores on a 270- by 404-foot footprint as well as a 92- by 404-foot parking area.

This portion of the project features two unique new product lines developed by Tindall Corp. in its Conley, GA, plant. The first is a 12-foot-wide by 18-inch-wide “tri-slab” deck member. It consists of three stems, including two half-stems on either side and a full stem in the middle. When set side by side, the two half stems join to create a full stem that provides a structural system that results in a precast concrete joist 6 feet on center. The sides of the tri-slabs contain a shear key that runs their full length and allows them to be grouted together to eliminate the need for welded connections.

The second new product is a 36-inch-wide by 25-inch-deep “W-beam,” which includes a center web and two thinner outside webs that allow the tri-slabs’ stems to fit into pocket blockouts in the W-beam and after setting, to be tied together with field-poured concrete.

The second structural system is a traditional simple span for the parking structure in front of the Target store. This features 10-foot-wide and 24-inch-deep double tees, beams that are 36 inches wide and 40 inches deep spanning 45 feet, and precast shear walls. Full-height cast-in-place retaining walls on two sides of the parking areas support the precast tee girders and double tees, providing lateral resistance in three of the four structures.

The project was completed in 11 months with the actual precast erection consuming just 50 days. On-site work proceeded while the various components were cast in Tindall’s plant.

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